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Are you familiar with the litigation process? Do you understand what the role of a court reporter is? If not, here are things you should know about court reporting and deposition services.

A court reporter, also known as a court stenographer, is someone who transcribes legal activities and provides deposition services. These activities include meetings, conferences, trials, hearings, and depositions. They transcribe both recorded speech and verbal conversations into a written form. Naegeli is one of the best companies in this field, you can learn more about them here:

You can learn the basic skills if you are interested in becoming a court reporter. It usually takes two to four years to be able to have the right knowledge and skills. These professionals have their set of skills.

There are two types of court reporters, the official court reporters, and the independent courtroom reporters. An official court reporter is someone hired by the judicial system within the employees of the government. An independent courtroom reporter, on the other hand, is an officer of a court, not a government employee.

A court reporter uses different methods of court reporting. The most common are the stenographic method. This was the very first method used in the history of court reporting. They use a stenograph machine in which they press a system of keys that creates a code on the paper tape. The codes on the tape will be transcribed by the stenographer to produce a written transcript.

Many areas also use the mask reporting method. Yes, you got that right. A court reporter will wear a mask. The reporter will repeat what they hear, and it will be recorded on an audiotape.

With modern technology, computers are now faster and more powerful. There is now computer software that is capable of translating these verbal records into a written document. A court reporter can correct the text if there are some errors.

If you want, an audio-video digital recording is now allowed to be used in courts. Microphones and video cameras are strategically placed in the courtroom where the people are located.

Court reporters do not usually use the same method in court reporting. And also, not all courtrooms have the same resources.

You must have a considerable set of skills that are obtained from a good education if you are dreaming of becoming a court reporter. These professionals are required to have a wide understanding of grammar, language, and terminologies that are used in a courtroom. There are also technical languages that are often used by engineers, lawyers, and doctors that you must also understand.

You must also pass the examination for the Registered Professional Reporter Certification. This exam will test your typing skills, and if what you have transcribed is accurate. Once you had passed the exam and gotten your certificate, you need to maintain being a certified reporter by participating in their programs.

Being a court reporter in a law firm is a good opportunity. These professionals are considered as an asset in their companies. Just make sure to meet their standards and obtain the necessary education and training.